Pulse Portal


HCT Pulse Platform Suite

HCT Pulse Platform is made up of a suite of automated and analytical services to further optimize the customer experience and optimization of your facility management and SCADA systems.


24/7 Monitoring & Response

With a growing need for immediate response for critical environments HCT offers the HCT PULSE Suite of programs designed to suit the needs of your current and growing organization. HCT offers critical monitoring and a 24/7 response program to answer the call when no one else can.

Analytics & Building Performance

HCT Pulse at its core offers a solution for real time Pulse monitoring of your building’s past, current and future performance and efficiency. Pulse is an analytical framework that manages and analyzes extreme amounts of data identifying underperforming equipment and parameters of your building’s operation to save you on operating costs and equipment inefficiencies. Advanced alarming and reporting identifies inadequacies within the operation of your building and allows for the customer to rectify issues before wasting large amounts of human and monetary resources on poorly operating infrastructures.


Data Storage & Wireless Connectivity

As the internet of things continues to expand and the continued need for longer duration periods of data storage comes a need for an ancillary source of data storage for future analyzation and data mining. HCT Pulse Hub is a subscription service that allows for web hosting and data storage on HCT’s virtual server. HCT offers redundant and primary server space for important Validated and Critical data required for regulatory and analytical reporting.

Remote System & Alarming Console Access

The Pulse suite offers in additional to 24/7 response, a functional real-time dashboard service that actively reports on critical alarming functions from your system. The Pulse portal also allows for its customers to actively view their system through dedicated login credentials when hosted though Pulse Secure access allows for management of their FMS system. In the near future all service requests shall also be submitted and managed through the pulse portal.


What Our Clients Say

It is firms such as HCT that these programs are intended to outline and recognize. Organizations that achieve this level of commitment and expertise associated with the Honeywell brand are something that we take pride in. In addition to the success that is necessary to achieve the ACIElite status. HCT has also been recognized in multiple categories by their peers for the engineering and implementation of large control project that exceed a certain level of creativity, sustainability, and quality that rivals their competition. The recognition they have received comes in both the forms of praise and actual awards that have been bestowed upon them; further proof that HCT is indicative of the quality that Honeywell stands for.


HCT has over the past few years added the additional support to help us round out our services. They have been very instrumental in areas like integration into 3rd party equipment along with remote management to help satisfy our customer's needs. They assist our staff providing the backend support needed to configure building automation systems of all types.


We are a manufacturing firm in the food industry and HCT Control Technology, has provided the expertise needed to keep us compliant and operational. They have integrated a variety of devices both HVAC and industrial. Since we use a large amount of energy they have helped us optimize operations on the plant floor and provided reporting needed for the administration.