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Providing energy, automation, design, and training solutions for the Pharmaceutical/Biotech, Flavor/Fragrance and Commercial Industries.

Honeywell ACI Elite & Johnson Controls ASI Gold

HCT earns premier status with leading control technology companies.

Advanced System Integrations

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Importance of Energy

Because of this we have molded our offerings to accommodate not only your needs but your energy.

What We Do

We are dedicated to providing energy efficient solutions to satisfy your specific needs.



HCT specializes in designing and implementing pharmaceutical control units that satisfy your energy and temperature control needs.



HCT has found a niche within the flavor and fragrance industry, developing a core strategies, experience and knowledge specific to the F&F industry.



HCT has developed its presence within the commercial market space designing and installing building management systems to manage both comfort and efficiency.


Energy Solutions

Energy is the dominant concern for all our customers, and with that HCT has molded our offerings to accommodate.


HCT Pulse

Energy. Efficiency & Performance. Three vital terms that surround the current industrial façade in today’s changing world of automation.

To adapt to the rapidly changing needs of building engineers and the wealth of information available through the intuitive systems that automate facilities HCT has developed a platform termed “HCT Pulse” as the analytics platform to define and deliver the pertinent information from the building to the end user in a format that makes sense.