HCT Pulse

Energy, Efficiency, & Performance

About HCT Pulse

Energy. Efficiency & Performance. Three vital terms that surround the current industrial façade in today’s changing world of automation.

To adapt to the rapidly changing needs of building engineers and the wealth of information available through the intuitive systems that automate facilities HCT has developed a platform termed “HCT Pulse” as the analytics platform to define and deliver the pertinent information from the building to the end user in a format that makes sense.

Carefully defined algorithms can identify key comparisons to outline system and operational deficiencies to save energy and reduce overhead costs.

  • Building Vitals Analytics’ Suite
  • Main Gateway to the suite of “HCT Pulse” products and services for hosted and cloud based services
  • Offers BAS historical Trending and Alarming long term storage and redundancy
  • Cloud BAS System Hosting
  • Building Vitals Analytical services
  • Offers in-depth reporting, alarming, and analysis of the critical information
  • Identifies system and operational deficiencies
  • Assigs monetary impacts based on positive and negative performance
  • Analytical Dashboards & user interfaces
  • Customized customer Login Portal
  • 24/7 access to BAS System, Alarming, data, site documents and more…
  • Building Vitals Analytics’ Suite
  • Cloud BAS System Hosting
  • Virtual Server Monitoring and Alarming
  • Analytical Dashboards & user interfaces