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About HCT

HCT is an organization that has developed its business and strategies to form what is now HCT since its inception in 2003. The family owned and operated business first made a name for itself within the commercial automation industry through its relationships which led to the further formation of what HCT has now become.

HCT is now a leading provider of services from advanced systems integration, control system design and installation to an expertise with regulatory compliance within heavily regulated industries. HCT has developed core strengths with a solid culture outlining a strong dedication to both its customers and family of employees.


If it's not right, it's wrong.

HCT’s most committed belief is in “standards”. In today’s age, it seems to have been a forgotten practice of standards. Standards of quality, standards of integrity, standards of service, and standards of accountability.

We at HCT have dedicated every aspect of our business to following just that, a Standard. HCT strives to revive the presence of standards in every facet of our business from customer interactions to the daily operations of the business.


"There is no measure of success or failure
without a standard to measure it against."